Hydraulic Jacks

A hydraulic jack is a device that allows heavy loads by using force. The primary mechanism depends on the type of jack. It is stronger than mechanical jack and can lift the heavy loads higher. This consists of floor jacks and bottle jacks.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack

Heavy duty hydraulic jack Enquiry
Heavy duty hydraulic jack Enquiry
Heavy duty hydraulic jack Enquiry
Heavy duty hydraulic jack Enquiry

Hydraulic Jack Manufacturers

It is based on the force generated by pressure. Scientifically, if two cylinders are interconnected and you apply a force in one cylinder then the same amount of pressure is generated in both cylinders. The cylinder with the larger area will produce more force. But the pressure in both cylinders will be same. The device is mainly used to lift the high loads. The manufacturer of the hydraulic jack uses pump plunger for moving oil through both cylinders. When you will push the plunger the oil moves through an external discharge. Various uses of these jacks are as follows-

  • Hydraulic jacks are most often used in heavy industries and power equipment that need a tremendous power to generate.
  • It is used in various types of vehicles and machinery like elevators, excavators etc.
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Industrial Hydraulic Jacks

Several types of hydraulic jacks are available. Industrial hydraulic jacks are mainly used for industrial and engineering purposes. The capacity of this jack can be varied up to 200 tons. The various industries can enhance their work performances by using this device. It is corrosion resistant and long lasting in nature. The manufacturers of industrial hydraulic jack make this device in such a way that it has several benefits like-

  • It is most helpful in industrial applications and for power equipment that needs a high amount of power to generate.
  • In the recent days, these equipments are also used in motorcycle's brakes.
  • It is used for lifting the cars.
  • These ensure a greater safety to the modern cars.
  • It is used cranes to lift heavy loads.
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Hydraulic Double Acting Jack

These jacks are designed to provide oil force in both vertical and horizontal positions. These are mainly applied in hydraulic testing machines and for lifting heavy machinery, bridges. The manufacturers of the Hydraulic double acting jack make this in such a way that this device is ideal for heavy load applications. The main features of this type of jacks are-

  • It has high strength because it is made by alloy steel.
  • It is long lasting ad have a better life.
  • The QCC is made by plastic dust cap. Aluminum dust cap can be made for client’s request.
  • It can withstand high pressure.
  • It has appropriate gripping by grooved saddle.
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