Pneumatic Cylinders

The pneumatic cylinder is a specially designed device that uses the power of compressed gas to generate a force in an interchanging linear motion. It works like a hydraulic cylinder. Most of the engineers prefer to use it because this device needs a limited space and it is cleaner.

Pneumatic Cylinders Manufacturers

A pneumatic cylinder works on the principle of applying the pressure of gas for performing work. Air can be easily compressed to refill the pneumatic system by using this device. It does not create the same danger like other gases. It can be categorized in several ways like Rodless pneumatic cylinder, Stopper cylinder, Clamping cylinder, Cylinders with piston rod, Swivel cylinders and Diaphragm cylinder.

The manufacturers of the pneumatic cylinder make this device in such a way that it possesses some benefits. These are as follows-

  • As pneumatic systems operate on air, safety hazards
    are considerably reduced. If the system
    leaks it does not effect on the environment.
  • It requires less plumbing.
  • The device can be easily cleaned and disassembled.
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Industrial Pneumatic Cylinders

Industrial pneumatic cylinders work like a hydraulic cylinder. Double acting cylinders are expensive than single acting cylinders but it is superior to a single type. For industrial applications, most of the engineers prefer to use single acting cylinders. When high speed or force is required then double acting cylinders comes into play. The manufacturers of industrial pneumatic cylinders offer a large number of products with optimum quality.

Their main aim is to provide the best-designed device with high performance and longer life. The user-friendly and hassle free performances of this device make it more useful in our modern industry.

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Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinder

When a reliable and heavy duty performance is required then heavy duty pneumatic cylinder come into play. It is really a premium quality cylinder and is used in factory oriented purposes. This device is designed by such materials that it is cost effective. It is useful for any industrial purposes also. The manufacturers of heavy duty pneumatic cylinders make various products which can give you the desired performances. But there are some standard specifications of this device. This is-

  • Tie rod design is best suited for this device.
  • Nominal pressure should be up to 250 PSI.
  • Filtered air is considered as a standard fluid.
  • Cushions are optional at either end or both end of the stroke.
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Compact Pneumatic Cylinder

Compact pneumatic cylinders are preferred because it requires small place. It is a space saving device because it is designed with a compact body. The manufacturers of compact pneumatic cylinder design a lot of products for fulfilling the client’s requirements. But there is some standard specification which is maintained by most of the manufacturers. These include square body, 4 flexible mounting options etc. Bumpers have a standard specification for all machines. The unique structure of this device makes it more useful to our modern lives.

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