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Oil coolers are also known as D cup coolers. This is used in drain lines where several displacements pump up to 70 bar working pressure is required. These can also be used where steady oil flow up to 10 LPM is required. We at Hpp Group are the India's top manufacturers and suppliers of these oil coolers in Delhi and all over India.

Air Cooled Oil Coolers Manufacturers

In the recent age, you can see the air cooled oil coolers in the drain lines where several displacements pump is required. These are very cost effective and can be used where steady oil flow up to 10 LPM is required. It operates under the maximum pressure of 6 BAR. Some unique features you can get by using this device. These are as follows-

  • It has an optimum level of efficiency.
  • It’s operation is very easy.
  • This device has cooling medium air.

The manufacturers of air cooled oil coolers make a wide range of products as per client’s requirements. But it has some standard specifications. These are-

  • Cast iron headers are used.
  • Nitrile seals and Viton seals are preferred.
  • The temperature should be greater than 100 Celsius.
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Oil Coolers

Oil cooler is an engine which is used to remove excess heat from an internal combustion device. These engines transfer heat to the oil which is passed through a heat exchanger. It is fitted with high-stress engines or in highly tuned engines. Their main aim is to provide you the optimum quality of services. For the unique structure of this machine, it gains a wide popularity. The manufacturers of oil coolers make the design in such a way that it possesses following benefits./p>

  • It can be used to cool any items at a temperature 100 degree Celsius or more as oil has a high boiling point.
  • This device can be directly used in electrical components as oil is an electrical insulator. Oil helps to prevent the corrosion.
  • This device does not require any coolant tank due to the presence of oil as a lubricant.
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