Water Cooled Oil Coolers

Power plants use this type of oil coolers for its efficiency and reliability. Its light weight and compact design offer more than 80 percent reduction in volume. The manufacturers of water cooled oil coolers provide various specifications and models as per client’s request. They provide the optimum quality tools and techniques. It has up to 274 HP cooling capacity and it requires a small place due to reduced and compact weight. This product is suitable to use in boiler water cooling, tower fan cooling and various other related areas. So its use is beneficial for its user-friendly characteristics. Some other benefits are as follows-

  • For its gasket free design, it has 25 percent more capacity of utilization
  • It can take pressure up to 450 psi
  • Water cooled oil coolers are available in titanium for seawater use
Water Cooled Oil Coolers Enquiry