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Hydraulic rotary union allows the rotation of unified parts. Fluids are used in rotary unions and joints. It includes fluid power media such as thermal, water, steam, coolants etc. for this, It is used in turntables, tools and forms. Various types of hydraulic rotary unions are available which have different specifications and different sizes. It is a multi-passage rotary joint which gives the simultaneous supply up to 10 different media.

One rotary joint can be combined with another rotary joint, with a slip ring or with a hollow shaft rotary joint. Sometimes the manufacturers of hydraulic rotary unions design this device with multi-ports. With this modern technology, you can transfer the medium at high speed. For these unique constructions, the use of rotary union is beneficial. Some features of this products are-

  • The rotor part is made of stainless steel or metal ceramics.
  • It is designed with radial shaft seal which has elastic contact. The design of seal is selected according to the required performance.
  • The lubricated ball bearings are used for the life time.
  • The flange of the rotor may be custom made as per the client's request.
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