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Oil cooler is an engine which is used to remove excess heat from an internal combustion device. These engines transfer heat to the oil which is passed through a heat exchanger. It is fitted with high-stress engines or in highly tuned engines.

Industrial Oil Cooler - Manufacturers

Industrial oil coolers are made in such a way that it can withstand the extreme conditions. The best manufacturers of industrial oil cooler give the guarantee that the devices are leak free and they are regularly tested. This device is widely used to remove excess heat from an internal combustion device. For the unique design of this machine, this has gained a wide popularity in the modern industry. This device possesses following benefits-

  • It can be used to cool any items at a temperature of 100 degree Celsius as oil has a high boiling point.
  • Oil helps to prevent the corrosion.
  • This device can be directly used in electrical components as oil is an electrical insulator.
  • This device does not require any pump or coolant tank due to the presence of oil as a lubricant.
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Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Hydraulic oil coolers are used in heat transfer fluid, quenching and lubricating oils. The tube bundles are fully floating. For this reason, thermal stresses are minimized and can easily remove. The manufacturer of hydraulic oil cooler offers an exclusive collection which can fulfill client’s diverse requirements. These devices are uniquely designed by the quality proven materials. The device is cost effective. The modern tools and techniques are used in this device. This device can be used in the following areas-

  • It is widely used in food processing industry.
  • It is used in the hydraulic and industrial process.
  • Useful in mining and construction industry.
  • These devices are used in mining and construction industry.
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